Angry Heroes Game

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Some games take a special place in our hearts when played and are unforgettable. Angry Birds was one of these games. Now, we are chasing angry birds again with Angry Heroes, which carries the spirit of this legendary game.

The brave faces of the angry birds face new and more challenging enemies this time. Completing levels by catching them off guard is even more fun than before. But remember, Angry Heroes offers a puzzle game experience that will test your reflexes and intelligence. In particular, you need to strategically defeat the most enemies with the most minor moves by using your birds most effectively.

Angry Heroes offers a nostalgic and innovative experience with 20 unique episodes. In each chapter, you will encounter new obstacles, enemies, and puzzles requiring different strategies. This game, an actual bird's game classic, appeals to casual and professional players.

How to Play

It is played with the mouse.

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