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Pacman arcade game is a popular game genre known by almost the whole world. Related game Pacman is easy to learn and difficult to master. Collect as many points as you can eat the tiny dots around the maze in the game. You can earn 10 points per point. Big points come when you eat one of the 4 Big flashing dots, Energizer, worth 50 points in each maze corner. You can collect a maximum of 14,600 points for each level, and if you eat a few fruits, you will add to the level. The first fruit, the cherry, gives a small bonus of 100 points and can progress to higher levels, such as the Key level, up to 5000 points per fruit eaten. When you eat an energizer, all the monsters in the maze turn blue and run away from you. 

At this point, you can eat monsters for points that increase the points from 200 to 1600 per monster you eat. The monsters will only stay blue for a limited time or until they eat them all. When you eat a monster, only its eyes remain until the monster returns to the bull badge, and the monster respawns, exits the bull badge, and moves again in the maze. The more mazes you clear from existing mazes in the game, the shorter the Energizer stage will be. At this point, it's good that the berries get more points sooner or later because the monsters start getting so fast that you can hardly see them turn blue, and they don't even reverse afterward. Every Pacman attic has a love-hate relationship with monsters. You have to eat them for points, but you want to stay away for as long as possible. You can choose the games available on our site for the arcade games that left their mark on the old times.