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If you are looking for fun, colorful, and mind-opening games for kids, Draw Master is for you. This unique game, which is among the puzzle games, is full of mind-tiring challenges and entertaining. Let's dive into the fun world of Draw Master together.

Draw Master is inspired by many types of brain puzzles that we come across in daily life. But this game offers much more than classic puzzle games. Throughout thirty-three levels, you must destroy the enemy characters on the platform with the stripes you draw. This seemingly simple task that requires strategic thinking improves children's problem-solving abilities.

Each level has its different difficulties. At first, it only tries to deal with a few enemies, but in later levels, this number can reach more than four. But don't worry! Some unique objects will help you in the game. For example, strategically using explosive items like TNT, you can complete levels faster and easier.

As you complete the levels, you can win various prizes. Thanks to these rewards, you can make your weapon more powerful and advance the game more advantageously.

How to Play

It is played with the mouse.

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