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Meet Escape Masters, a unique escape experience that will lock you up with adrenaline-filled moments. This game is not an ordinary escape game. You will implement an escape plan, step by step, that you will carry out with your survival instincts, using your intelligence and challenging your reflexes. In the game, you aim to reach an ice cream cart behind the prison walls for your freedom. But this journey will be more challenging than you think.

Initially, you will proceed alone, digging the ground with just a simple tool. However, as you progress, the game's difficulty level will increase. You will need to make new friends and help them escape, too. Each story is full of obstacles of different difficulty. Although each path you dig takes you one step closer to freedom, you must be careful because a wrong decision can sentence you to a lifetime in prison.

In Escape Masters, you must not only use your escape skills but also your strategic thinking abilities. Which path you will choose, which obstacle you will overcome, or which friend you will help will be decisions that directly affect the course of the game.

Among the Escape games, this game also includes action and platform game features. In this way, it offers gamers a fully comprehensive experience.

If you want to experience a true escape, Escape Masters is for you. Get your pickaxe now, set your strategy, and fight for your freedom. Every second, every step will give you back your space.

How to Play

It is played with the mouse.

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