Happy Filled Glass Game

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Start the fun with the happy-filled glass game, which is a trendy arcade game. Pass the toughest levels and experience the adventure. Happy Filled Glass is a 2D puzzle game that combines brain training and fun. The game's excellent graphics and impressive sound effects give you a fun and thought-provoking experience. The game has dozens of different levels, each offering a new challenge and an enjoyable adventure. The aim of the game is quite simple: Fill the water flowing from the pipe into the glass by drawing lines. It may be easy to pass the first levels, but the game will get more challenging as you progress. You must move the water into the glass using the least number of lines to pass the levels. The fewer lines you use, the more stars you earn. You can earn a maximum of three stars on each level. But be careful; using too many lines may decrease your star rating.

How to Play

Played with Mouse.

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