Mad Taxi Game

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Mad Taxi is the game for you if you are interested in driving and taxis. Attention, speed, and reaction are a must in this game. These three components are the basis of Mad Taxi.

Among the taxi games, this game shows that being a taxi driver is not just about transporting customers. In this arcade-style game with 2D graphics, you will test your taxi driving skills to get the highest score without crashing into other vehicles. Everything may seem calm and controlled when the game starts, but the higher your score, the faster the game's pace.

With the increased number of vehicles, the taxi starts to gain speed. This shortens the player's reaction time and allows you to experience adrenaline-filled moments like racing games. Every second, every move marks the fine line between winning or losing.

The game has only two lanes, so your room for maneuvering is limited. However, this means that the game is played not only with speed but also with strategy. Changing lanes at the right time becomes an indispensable skill for car game enthusiasts.

How to Play

Played with Mouse.

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