Zombie Buster Game

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You may have fought against zombies in many games, but Zombie Buster offers an entirely different experience. This game is based on quick reflexes and sniping abilities, physics knowledge, and strategic thinking.

At the beginning of the game, you can go on an adventure by choosing a level on a large map. However, these levels are not just simple zombie groups; each presents different physical obstacles and challenges to the player. When shooting at randomly placed zombies on the platform, it is essential to calculate the bullet's movement correctly. Yes, the laws of physics come into play here!

When you fire your shot, the countdown begins on the bullet. This countdown indicates when the projectile detonates. When it explodes, it creates a wave that destroys all nearby zombies. This shows how critical shooting at the right angle and speed is. You have a specific ammo limit in each level, so you must maximize the value of each shot.

Zombie Buster offers more than traditional shooter games. It pushes players into strategic thinking and physical calculations, immersing players in a zombie war environment where every shot is critical. You have to aim at the zombies and throw the projectile to the right place at the right time for maximum effect.

How to Play

You can shoot by aiming with the mouse.

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