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What comes to mind when you think of dinosaur games? Simple games where a single T-Rex runs through obstacles? However, the 5 Rex, a new and unique platform game, will completely change your perception.

Taking traditional T rex run games one step further, 5 Rex allows you to control not just a single dinosaur but five dinosaurs. You heard right; five different dinosaurs will be on your screen simultaneously. This game, distinguished from dinosaur games with this feature, offers both a more challenging and fun experience as you have to manage five dinosaurs simultaneously.

Your goal in classic dino run games is to get the highest score by overcoming obstacles. However, in this game, you have to control not only one dinosaur but all five of them while overcoming obstacles on the track, such as cacti. If even a single rex hits the blocks, you lose the game.

5 Rex is an excellent trex game to test your reflexes. While controlling five dinosaurs simultaneously, you need to minimize your distraction and keep your reflexes at the highest level. Remember, each dinosaur may face different obstacles, and you may need to act fast to overcome these obstacles.

Among these Rex games, the game is fun for kids and a tool to help them develop their skills. Controlling more than one dinosaur, children improve their ability to focus and increase their quick thinking capacity.

How to Play

Played with Mouse.

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