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Although many war games we frequently encounter in the video game world have similar features, Arena: Noob vs Pro breaks this prejudice and promises you an innovative war experience. This 2D action game brings the excitement and competition of real-time battles to the screen.

The game stands out with its simple but impressive 2D graphics. But the natural attraction lies in the details the game offers. Numerous weapons and skins in the game offer players a unique experience. Noob vs Pro welcomes both beginners and professional players within the game.

The multiplayer game mode allows players to compete with other real players. Each game usually lasts three minutes, and players engage in 3v3 teams into battle. In these short battles, collecting more points than the opposing team is essential. Points are earned by beating your opponents and creating team strategies.

The reward for winning the game is the gold you will earn based on your score. These golds allow you to buy new skins and weapons in the game. So, you can improve your combat skills and your character's style.

Also, Arena: Noob vs Pro has leveling mechanics. As you win battles, your character levels up, and you earn additional points. With these points, you can strengthen your character even more. You can increase your health, increase your damage, or improve your rate of fire. This allows the game to keep players engaged while maintaining a sense of continuous development and progress.

How to Play

Left Stick \ WASD - to move Right Stick \ MOUSE - to fire

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