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Do you remember the 2048 game? What about colorful and fun bubble-popping games? Bubble 2048 offers a different experience by combining these two popular game concepts. In this game that will test your mathematical intelligence and aiming ability, you must use all your skills to reach the 2048 goal.

Your main goal in the game is to reach the predetermined target numbers by combining the number of bubbles you throw. While this target is 128 at first, this number increases as you progress, and your ultimate goal is to reach 2048. But this is not easy at all! Because the bubbles are slowly going down, and if they pass the lower limit, you lose the game. In this game, where your every shot and move is valuable, thinking strategically and acting fast is essential.

Bubble 2048 brings a new breath to bubble shooter games. Thanks to the level system in the game, you face a different challenge at each level. This prevents the game from being dull and motivates the player constantly. In times of difficulty, superpowers come to your aid. Thanks to these special abilities, you can open your way and progress when locked in the game.

Another remarkable feature is the superpowers you can buy with the gold you earn. For example, thanks to the bomb power, many bubbles on the screen instantly disappear, giving you a chance to continue the game.

How to Play

Touch the screen, move left and right, and release to shoot. Synthesize the number 2048 and prevent it from falling

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