Targets Attack Game

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Shooting games attract the players attention, sometimes with their complex mechanics and simple and impressive structure. Archery games are generally known as games that develop calm and strategic thinking skills. However, Target's Attack surpasses this common belief and offers an exciting and dynamic archery experience.

Targets Attack, which confronts the players with the challenge of coping with the changing directions of the wind, has a different structure from other archer games. This simple but effective game mechanic lets the player focus on the target without distraction.

The direction of the wind changes with each shot, increasing the game's difficulty. Thus, players have to determine a different strategy for each image. This takes the shooting game experience over the top by keeping players focused on the target and considering the wind's direction and speed.

Players aiming for the highest score have a limited number of misses. This adds extra excitement to the game. Players need to make every shot most accurately. So, each arrow can mean victory or defeat. This turns Target's Attack beyond an archery simulator into a real attack game experience.

How to Play

Played with Mouse.

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