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As we all know, zombie games have always been popular in the video game world. However, Zombie Invasion offers a different experience than the classic zombie games. In this game, you fight against zombies and test your strategic thinking skills.

When starting the game, you can choose between two characters, Leon or Jean. Leon is a brave and strong warrior, while Jean is a fast and agile warrior. Whichever personality you choose, you have to fight against the zombie invasion. Your main goal in the game is to destroy the maximum number of zombies as soon as possible. However, this is not easy at all. The number of zombies will increase as your score increases. In this case, you need to gain an advantage by using different parts of the battlefield. For example, climbing the roof using the stairs and being in a high position against groups of zombies can give you an edge in battle.

Of course, you are not completely defenseless in this war. When you start the game, you have precisely ten grenades in your pocket. These bombs are perfect for destroying large groups of zombies. Used at the right time, these bombs can earn you high scores. However, it is essential to use your bombs wisely and wait for the most compelling moments.

Zombie Invasion is more than just a shooter game; it's also a zombie war experience that requires strategy and quick thinking. Offering a more strategic approach than traditional zombie games, this game is perfect for players who love action and tactical thinking.

How to Play

You can move your character with WASD or directional arrow keys. You can throw grenades in areas where necessary by using the S key. You can also shoot with the L key.

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