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Zombie-themed games have been one of history's most loved and popular games. One of the games that continues this popularity is Zombie Hunter io. As the name suggests, Zombie Hunter, an IO game, brings a new breath to zombie games.

Your goal in the game is simple: Survive a city infested with zombies. However, this is much more difficult than you might think. You start the game with a team of only three people, and this team is your most considerable assurance. As you progress, the waves of zombies get more intense, and you try to collect energy bars to form a stronger team. Collecting these energy bars allows you to expand your team and become more resistant to zombies.

One of the most entertaining features of Zombie Hunter io is that although it is among zombie shooter games, it encourages strategic thinking. Destroying zombies is essential, but you should also know when to run and fight. There is a superpower in the game that helps you with this: the ability to run. However, you cannot use this ability indefinitely. Therefore, you should carefully decide when to use it.

Zombie Hunter io is an ideal zombie game for both action lovers and gamers who like to think strategically. Thanks to the top-down perspective, you can see the playing field from a broad perspective and plan your moves accordingly. Grow your team, watch out for zombies, and use your super abilities at the correct times to survive in this zombie-infested city.

How to Play

Use the WASD or arrow keys on the keyboard to control the character's movement. Press F to boost speed.

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