Bubble Pet Saga Game

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You might not have heard of Bubble Pet Saga right away in the fun world of puzzle and skill games, but this game takes it one step further from the classic bubble shooter games. With its different and fun concept, this game is a candidate to establish a throne in the hearts of both adults and children.

Although Bubble Pet Saga is based on 2D graphics, the content and mechanics of the game are pretty rich and innovative. In this game, your goal is to combine and pop cute pets, unlike a simple bubble-popping fun. But the most significant difference here is that these animals are in the form of balloons, and you don't have to match each other. That is, you only have a chance to blast at least three animals of the same breed by bringing them together.

You have to be very careful while shooting in the game. You can't predict what the next pet will be. This makes the game more exciting and strategic. If you bring four or more animals of the same breed side by side, your chances of getting a combo increase. This can take you to high scores.

However, the most striking feature of Bubble Pet Saga is that there is a constantly progressing area in the game. Pets move toward the place where you are shooting. You lose the game if they reach the end of the screen without detonating them. Therefore, you must think strategically and effectively combine animals with each shot.

If you like shooting and bubble shooter games, this game may be for you with the concept of a pet saga. This game, which can be fun and brain training, can keep you on the screen for long hours.

How to Play

It is played with the mouse.

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